Imagine the following situation: you marinated meat, went out into the nature in a big and noisy company, cut salads and suddenly it turns out that nobody took the grill and skewers with them. Do not rush to go home: a delicious barbecue can be fried without the grill.

Kebab in the pit

This method is one of the most technologically simple: it does not require a grill, a kebab, or even a marinade. Meat – beef, pork or lamb – just cut it into small pieces, season with salt and pepper, and then wrap each piece in foil. In the ground, you need to dig a hole such that the meat takes up no more than half of the space in it. In the pit, stones, previously heated over a fire, should be laid, burdock leaves on them, and meat wrapped in foil on top. All this must also be covered with burdock leaves, and covered with earth or sand on top so that the pit is not visible.

In this way, the meat will be cooked rather slowly, but gourmets assure: for the sake of such a unique taste it is worth the wait! The kebab can be dug out of the ground in about 3.5 hours. The meat is very soft and juicy.

Kebab in charcoal lemonade

The brazier can be easily replaced with a simple construction of bricks folded in a circle. Inside you need to make a fire, and when the wood burns out, fry the meat over coals in a grill for meat with a clamp. You can hold such a grate in your hands and turn it over without fear that the kebab will fall out of it.

Meat marinated in lemonade is best cooked on a wire rack.

For this cooking method, gourmets recommend an unusual marinade, which is especially suitable for pork. A kilogram of meat will require the same amount of red onions, a liter of cola, half a liter of mineral water, 3-4 lemons and various seasonings to taste. Pour cola with mineral water into a large container, add lemon juice, chopped onion rings and seasoning there. Put the meat cut into pieces in the marinade and put under a press in a cold place overnight. Cooking shish kebab relies on a wire rack, periodically pouring lemonade marinade over the meat. The taste of such meat is very bright and rich.

Shish kebab on an open fire

This method will appeal to those who do not like the long process of preparing meat directly for frying. In order to cook a skewer on a skewer, the meat does not need to be marinated and cut in advance. A piece of meat weighing about a kilogram is suitable – pork or lamb is preferable. You need to string the meat on a skewer or a regular stick and fry it directly over an open fire, slowly turning it over and pouring it with marinade: you can use any sauce that you have enough imagination for.

When the meat is covered with a golden crust, it’s time to cut the top layer into a plate with a sharp knife, and continue to cook the rest over the fire. Pieces of meat should be sequentially cut off as they cook, until you get to the very center. Fans of this method believe that this is the only way the kebab is evenly fried and it turns out perfect.

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