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One of the most famous people of our age, Steve Jobs, in his note speech to the Stanford students, spoke about his own way – always stay satisfied with life:

“Every morning I look in the mirror and ask myself – If today was the last day of my life, would I want to do, what I’m going to do? And whenever, I answer “no” for too many days in a row, I understand that something needs to be changed.”

It’s no coincidence that we cited one of the most successful man in a human history, because the Alaska Firewood project was born to create and produce a product precisely in order to help people find a balance, find a mental comfort that gives us an opportunity to find the strength to move forward day after day, forward to our goals. The world of endless telephone conversations, conference calls, “have to call back”, “d’not forget” and “remember” crash down our life energy and something is needed to restore it, sometimes quite banal. Silence, have you tried, at least in the last year, to live three days in silence? Without a phone and endless consultations on it, without obsessive information that pours on us an endless waterfall from all sources, including our relatives and loved ones…

We need return to our origins, return at least for a moment, for three days, for as much strength and time everyone has, return to the origins to find yourself, to return positive life emotions and say to yourself “I can”.

Escape from the city madness, try to hear the noise of rain that drums through the tarpaulin of the tent, try hear the quiet rustle of the tree leaves and breathe in the moist smell of the forest at a morning.

The Alaska Firewood project was born to support you to find something that we have not yet completely lost. Each of us will decide for himself what he would like to return or not lose, but one thing we are sure – what we are looking for is actually in ourselves.

“Find your way” – you will always find these words on our packaging Alaska Firewood products produced to be with our lovely customers on their way to find a world of mental balance and happy life journey.

Alaska Firewood

Our motivation

On the way to create the Alaska Firewood brand, we inspired the courage of the conquerors of the northern lands, their steel will, which always helped defeat difficulties to convert the surrounding nature into a friendly home. The spirit of harsh adventures, since the first books of Jack London about the conquest of Alaska, about courageous people deprived of all the comfort of everyday life, going to the crossroads with nature to find their happiness…

“Once we went on a journey towards ourselves, we could not stop. New roads and new peaks have become for us a goal that we strive to conquer every day.” This has become for us a philosophy of life that we want to share with our followers and lovely customers,with people who still believe that the search for real happiness will be on the way to find own origins, on the way to find ourselves.

We hope and believe that we can reach an our goal and therefore make the world a little bit friendly and a little bit better, because the world of happy loves cannot be different.

Alaska Firewood

Find your way...


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