Every day we think about how to improve the quality of our products, discuss new ideas and solutions that make our brand products even more attractive and interesting for you. One such solution, which has matured during the last months of our work, was our decision to begin developing the possibility of using the territory so rich in natural resources, as well as rich in its centuries-old traditions in working with wood. Someone may already have guessed which territory we are talking about, yes, this is the territory of the great Russian Empire, and today Russia. The land where from the age, the culture of handling wood material was elevated to the rank of national culture.
We have always thought about the international development of our brand, about the movement without borders, about the use of the best quality natural resource in the production of goods, so the territory so rich in high-quality forest resources becomes an essential element of the development concept of our Alaska.Co project and the Alaska Firewood brand. Given the development, in the last decade, of technologies in the woodworking sector of Russia, it is guarantee to say that the quality of Alaska Firewood products, manufactured under the label Alaska Firewood made in Russia, will undoubtedly satisfaction the confidence of the European consumer.
Striking with its purity, the deepest lake in the world Baikal, the endless forests of Siberia, beautiful mountains of Altai, wonderful forests and lakes of North Karelia, all this is the nature of huge Russia, which certainly allows us to guarantee our consumer the perfect quality and environmental friendliness of the products produced and raw materials used by us.
We are proud to inform you that we are opening our representative office in Russia and are placing part of our production precisely for further movement forward and development of our project. We come to the territory of Russia with our best thoughts, developments and technologies, simply in order to expand our capabilities in the production of the entire Alaska Firewood product line, supplement it with new products and, of course, come with thinking to protect and safe the nature of Russia that surrounds us.

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