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Every day we think about how to improve the quality of our products, discuss new ideas and solutions that make our brand products even more attractive and interesting for you. One such solution, which has matured during the last months of our work, was our decision to begin developing the possibility of using the territory so rich in natural resources,…

Extremely dry firewood is not always good or why the right firewood for the fireplace should be a little wet.

“Alaska Firewood” is classified as kiln-drying firewood. Our firewood goes through a full technological cycle before being packed, that is, they are cleaned of natural debris, discarded damaged by mold, calibrated in size and shape, after which they finally enter a specially equipped drying kiln, in which they get rid of excessive moisture, reaching an ideal humidity of 10-14%, which makes it possible to use them to make barbecues or to drown a fireplace without any problems.

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