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Year of 2018, August


A group of specialists, formed specifically for developing the first line of products of the company has been in action since the opening of the company. Right from the start our team took the path of creating ecologically pure product of the highest quality. That’s why we selected the most fitting material, found manufacturers that have modern equipment and share our philosophy regarding the ways of making products with a high standard of quality.

In order to get the best consumer properties of the produce our company performed a number of experiments, trial and tests with materials and packaging and found a perfect combination, so today we meet the first product – Alaska Firewood.

We are proud of this


Undoubtedly, it took much time to develop and to prepare the start of the Alaska Firewood produce. We have set the highest standard of quality for ourselves as one of our purposes is to offer the consumer a product, which is safe for their health, and we are very proud of the result of our work as the quality of the Alaska Firewood produce was approved by the authorized European organizations, which confirmed the ecological purity of the product and its high quality by granting the Alaska Firewood produce Biomass A1+ standards.

People are used to not eating expired products and buying torn clothes, that’s why we think about the quality of materials that you will use to cook your food.

The Packaging standard of quality – we are one step ahead

The company pays a lot of attention to reliability and convenience of the packaging and we are sure that our products will get to your home having saved their best qualities without being damaged or deformed by careless handling. We don’t eat expired products and buy torn clothes, that’s why we think about the quality of materials that you will use to cook your food. We don’t want any middle ground, the packaging and quality should be impeccable even if it leads to some kind of increase in price of the product.

That’s why we are first to introduce a new standard for firewood packaging.

Year 2020, October

Starting in 2020 the company sets up its first brand – Alaska Firewood – products for making fire made out of wood  designed for BBQ and fireplace.

Meet the Alaska Firewood produce:

Alaska Firewood White Edition the premium line of Alaska Firewood which consists of refined oak firewood made for those who love to sit beside a fireplace in the evening, rare firewood made of hornbeam for those who appreciate exotics, charcoal made of fruit trees which gives the food cooked on this charcoal a special flavor and woodchips made of cherry and pear trees designed for gourmets out there. The White Edition line will find its fans among those who like something special and those who like to cook with a twist.

Alaska Firewood Warm to Home. This line is created for home as an alternative for gas heating. These ecologically pure, tested and certified fuel, fuel granules and bricks will bring warmth to your home and become your irreplaceable and reliable assistants. Please, contact with us to get advice on use of these products.

Alaska Firewood Limited Edition – The line created for those who love design and at the same time those who are demanding and rational. We put a brand on each log made of oak; this way you get logs of vey extremely high quality that you can put into a special bag made out of vintage leather, which makes a great element of décor that you can put near your fireplace.



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