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Year of 2018, August


A group of like-minded people, since the opening of the company in August 2018, has been developing the first product line of the brand. Our team has taken a course to create an environmentally friendly product of the highest quality. We have built a modern production facility and selected the best raw materials to manufacture products that meet the highest quality standards.

Thanks to the research activities of the engineering group of the company, we have invented and developed an innovative technology for smart wood drying Smart Drying Wood Technology. Thus, we have received a competitive product with high consumer qualities, demanded by a discerning buyer. And today we are meeting the first project of the company under the Alaska Firewood brand.

We are proud of this


It took a lot of time to develop and prepare for the launch of the first line of Alaska Firewood products.

We have relied on the production of a biologically natural product of high quality, because this is the paradigm laid down by the brand’s philosophy – to provide the consumer with a product that is safe for health, and therefore we are proud of the result of our work, the result of which was the recognition of the quality of Alaska Firewood products by authoritative European organizations that confirmed the environmental friendliness of the brand’s products with certificates highest quality standards.

We care about the quality of the raw materials used for our products. Caring for you, caring for nature.

Packaging quality standard – we go one step ahead

The company pays a lot of attention to the reliability and convenience of packaging. We are confident that our products will reach your home while retaining all their best properties, and will not be damaged or spoiled by careless handling. Vacuum packaging that preserves the original smells of the forest for a long time, a three-layer bag for charcoal with moisture protection or a box for apple charcoal that protects a fragile product on the road – this is just a small part of what we have come up with for your convenience.

We do not want to compromise, packaging and quality must be impeccable.

Year 2020, October

In 2020, the company is launching its first premium brand, Alaska Firewood, wood fuel and other wood burning products for barbecue. We are for a healthy lifestyle. The brand paradigm is fully confirmed by the Pro line – absolute environmental friendliness and safety for health, combined with high technical characteristics.


Alaska Firewood premium product line.

Differs in expert product quality and thoughtful packaging. The assortment of this product line already today offers a choice of products with a wide range of consumer qualities, including rare and exclusive ones.

Birch firewood is a classic of the genre for the countries of Scandinavia and Russia, oak firewood is the best solution for a fireplace party, exclusive hornbeam firewood is a great alternative to the classics, firewood from alder, mountain ash and apple will complete the excellent choice of a wood line. And this is just the beginning. Enjoy a weekend in nature with Alaska Firewood’s finest Proline charcoal in birch, oak or apple. This is truly top class without any compromise. Made from selected and whole logs, sorted by hand, that is why it is so valuable. The fraction will be necessarily large 6+ cm, without charcoal waste and various wood impurities, an exclusively natural product that fully complies with the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle.

  • firewood with bark chamber drying SDWT
  • birch charcoal
  • oak charcoal
  • apple charcoal
  • wood chips for smoking


Alaska Firewood line of optimal solutions.

A line of products for those who value impeccable quality at the same time wanting to remain a rational consumer. The assortment of this product line is built on the principles of self-sufficiency while maintaining high product quality.

Flawless birch or oak charcoal in a 1.8 kg package can easily replace your 3 kg portion of standard charcoal. Birch firewood produced using natural drying of wood weighing 6 kg will delight you with the warmth of fire longer than ordinary dry birch firewood. Why carry extra weight home or spend more money when you can get the same results with our ECO range? A simple question – a simple answer, you like rational solutions, value your time and do not want to compromise on product quality – then the products of the ECO line are your choice.

  • firewood with natural drying bark
  • birch charcoal
  • oak charcoal

Warm to Home

A range of products that will keep your home warm.

Biofuels of the highest quality, fuel pellets can replace gas or electricity, and their heat transfer will pleasantly surprise you with their high efficiency and low cost per kilowatt.

Today, heating homes in the cold season of the inhabitants of Central Europe has become a common norm in everyday life. This means, first of all, that this type of product should be reliable, inconspicuous and certainly 100% environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, what seems so natural and easy to do, in fact, hides a lot of work of specialists who made the products of the Warm at home line – Alaska Firewood fuel pellets.

  • Lumivalo spruce fuel pellets
  • Sunlight pine and spruce fuel pellets


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