“Alaska Firewood” is classified as kiln-drying firewood. Our firewood goes through a full technological cycle before being packed, that is, they are cleaned of natural debris, discarded damaged by mold, calibrated in size and shape, after which they finally enter a specially equipped drying kiln, in which they get rid of excessive moisture, reaching an ideal humidity of 10-14%, which makes it possible to use them to make barbecues or to drown a fireplace without any problems.

In a life, we often follow the criterion of “moisture of firewood,” wet or not certain firewood. Of course, firewood that “hisses,” smokes and simply do not want to burn cannot be called good, but rather, it is necessary to talk about the incorrect use of certain firewood.

Let’s figure out what firewood and how best to use it. In fact, even firewood of natural humidity, with a moisture content of about 35-40%, can be useful easily. For example, a classic furnace used in a house to heat housing in winter, it will be properly drowned with wood of natural humidity. First, melt the furnace with good dry firewoods, then using firewood of natural humidity, in a well-heated furnace and with good traction. Such firewood will burn for a long time, and increased smoke release will not interfere, because the oven door will always be closed.

Another thing is fireplace or barbecue, namely this type of firewood use today is most common among firewood consumers.

Firewood of natural humidity is clearly not suitable here. They contain about 35% moisture, which will actively prevent the fireplace from drowning, it is simply impossible to cook on such firewood. Is not an ideal solution also firewood that is too dry, with a percentage moisture content of less than 10%. Such firewood will burn too fast, so you will simply “feed” them your fireplace without receiving enough heat in response, and the time they burn you will also seriously disappoint. It is quite easy to spend on packing such firewood weighing about 10 kg and worth about 15 euro within an hour. That is why Alaska Firewood experts consider the ideal firewood for fireplace, firewood with a percentage moisture content of 10-14%. Such firewood does not “hiss,” do not smoke, flare up very easily, but the correct moisture content in the firewood does not allow them to fly into the chimney too quickly. Do a little experiment and make sure for yourself. Make your fireplace with wood humidity less than 10% and wood from Alaska Firewood and you will see the efficiency of our firewood, both in terms of heat transfer and in terms of economy process expressed in terms of spent funds per unit time. Alaska Firewood firewood will burn at least twice as long as firewood with a humidity of less than 10%.

We gave you simple numbers and our arguments, and we leave the choice to you. Therefore, in each individual case, think about how to properly and better perform and we hope our advise will to help you.

So, use right firewood in right way and being healthy.

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