Our certificates

1. FSC – certification

The FSC certification of firewood, charcoal and wood chips ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that ensure environmental and social standards.

The FSC standard is aimed, among other things, at control over the prohibition of the use of chemical pesticides in forests, at an established and understandable production chain between the extraction of raw materials and the end consumer, products must go through many stages of control for processing, production and distribution.

In order for a consumer to purchase an FSC certified product, every company that has ownership of a forest product raw material must be FSC certified.

2. Biomass A1+ certification for the firewood

Certification of solid wood biofuels. Awarded since 2015 thanks to a national agreement between AIEL, the Italian Agroforestry Energy Association and ENAMA, the only Italian certification body for wood and solid biofuel certification.

The purpose of the system is to provide the consumer with high quality solid biofuels such as firewood, charcoal or fuel pellets as a non-industrial energy source.

Certification includes checking the quality parameters of products, as well as control of the manufacturers that produce it in accordance with established procedures.

3. ENplus® certification

The ENplus ® certificate guarantees that an ENplus ® certified fuel pellet production line will function in accordance with the standards set by ENplus ® ideally and for a long time.

ENplus ® is the world’s leading transparent and independent wood pellet certification organization. From production to delivery to the end customer, it guarantees quality and fights fraud throughout the supply chain. All participants have detailed guidelines, effective control procedures, and specific training to ensure a high and consistent level of quality.

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