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Our team consists of people who like to travel and can do it well. A lot of countries and routes are already behind our backs which makes us people of the world despite our nationalities and ancestry.

In our business we try to look at things more simply and think about the benefit our product will bring to our clients, that’s why for each of our markets we make optimal, in our opinion, decisions for realizing our strategy. Precisely, we find optimal solutions which allow us to create a quality product for a fair price.

Certainly, our produce has all the required certificates in accordance with strict ecological standards of the European Union and Finland in particular. The Biomass A1+ certificate of quality that are granted to our produce are a proof of that.

The team of the company is international, its headquarters is located in Helsinki (Finland).

The location of the company is not a coincidence as Finland is the place where a lot of attention is paid to the quality of produce, ecological safety and everything that is connected with protection of consumer’s health.

Our Team


Executive Director


Administration Officer


Russia Market Responsible


North America Market Responsible, Marketing Director

Alaska Jr.

Food Keeper

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