Charcoal Apple 3kg

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Fruit charcoal Alaska You Firewood White Edition is produced from selected fruit trees. The bestseller is a mixture of apple and pear. The dense, hard wood of apple and pear ensures long burning and stable heat. Such charcoal can be easily recognized by its clean flame with an exquisite noble aroma without a chemical aftertaste.

Alaska Firewood coal is produced from selected wood using European technology. The newest equipment and well-established technological process ensure a consistently high quality of the finished coal. It is the fuel you can rely on in every situation. The charcoal from fruit trees gives a stable heat without extreme temperatures.

The use of fruit trees for fuel production is justified by their special qualities. Such charcoal gives a stable soft heat, excellent heat transfer and an extended smoldering time. Coal is absolutely safe and not subject to spontaneous combustion. Environmental safety, absence of harmful substances and chemical fillers is guaranteed by European quality certificates.

Alaska Firewood Charcoal is the perfect way to add a touch of flavor to your favorite grilled food. With the same package volume, you can cook 3 times more meals than with regular charcoal.

Weight: 3 kg

Packing: strong cardboard box

Composition: fruit tree species


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