Charcoal Birch 3KG Eco

Natural birch charcoal
Made from solid log wood of birch
Composition 100% birch
Fraction 2-5 cm
No charcoal refuse
Packed in a kraft bag two-layer
Product weight 3 kg
Working temperature range 150-350 degrees


  • flares up quickly
  • sharply picks up its maximum temperature
  • replaces 5 kg of regular charcoal

Recommended by Alaska Firewood for bbq grilling:

  • poultry meat
  • bbq wings
  • lamb bones
  • any fish
  • vegetables
  • burgers
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Birch charcoal is a classic of the genre in the northern part of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, having been an integral part of barbecue parties for many decades. User-friendly, birch charcoal forgives beginners and hobbyists for their mistakes while cooking. However, it is worth remembering that each product is still better used for its intended purpose, and here it must be said that the features of birch charcoal are clearly outlined by its technical characteristics. First of all, it is “fast” charcoal. It is easy to ignite and the peak of its heat, birch charcoal, reaches very quickly. Good birch charcoal, in a barbecue grill, gains in its maximum 280-350 degrees. This temperature does not last so long in the context of a long party, but enough to cook poultry or fish grill in several approaches, while giving the charcoal a little “rest”. Therefore, we recommend using Alaska Firewood birch charcoal if you have to cook quickly and your meals are not demanding for long medium heat. Therefore, it is ideal for preparing white meat, any fish, hamburgers, lamb bones or ribs, vegetables.

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