Charcoal Oak 3KG

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Superior grade Alaska Firewood oak charcoal of White Edition line from hardwoods has a long, even heat and a pleasant aroma that permeates your dishes during cooking. Charcoal is made of white oak wood, which does not form smoke and flame when burning, at the same time set the desired temperature.

Oak coal is a ready-made fuel, environmentally friendly and safe. Cooking with white oak charcoal does not require any special preparation. At the same time, Alaska Firewood oak charcoal is a great opportunity to diversify the culinary approach to the preparation of your favorite grilled dishes.

100% natural oak charcoal does not contain chemicals, fillers or dyes.  Alaska Firewood charcoal fully complies with the strict European standards and is incapable of spontaneous combustion.

The big advantage of oak coal is its high heat transfer – 31,000 kJ / kg, which ensures good roasting of products due to even combustion and long-term preservation of heat. Suitable for grills, barbecues, fireplaces and open fires.

Weight: 3 kg

Packing: strong craft bag

Composition: white oak