Charcoal Oak 3KG Eco

Natural oak charcoal
Made from solid log wood of oak
Composition 100% oak
Fraction 2-5 cm
No charcoal refuse
Packed in a kraft bag two-layer
Product weight 3 kg
Working temperature range 150-450 degrees


  • keeps high temperatures for a long time
  • wide range of operating temperatures
  • frying time is not inferior to coal briquettes

Recommended by Alaska Firewood for bbq grilling:

  • large size American steaks
  • fiorentine steak
  • buffalo meat
  • goat meat
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Oak charcoal is the choice of advanced users and professionals. Perhaps this phrase describes the advantages of this type of coal as succinctly as possible. If you love to cook on the barbecue and are proficient in various grilling techniques, you use complex products and components in cooking that require several approaches in your cooking, you need the working temperature range in the grill to move in both directions from 150 degrees to 450 degrees – then it’s your choice. Each complex product requires skill to use it, otherwise you simply will not understand its benefits. Also oak charcoal. It can provide excellent grilled cuisine, or it can go unnoticed in the hands of an inexperienced barbecue enthusiast.

Of course, it is worth using oak charcoal when you have enough time. Starting with the process of lighting it up, which takes a little longer than lighting up a birch tree, as well as cooking on it, which can take up to 4-5 hours. Long-lasting heat with the widest temperature range is the main distinguishing characteristic of Alaska oak charcoal. It will be ideal for cooking large cuts of meat, classic American steaks or, for example, a Florentine steak.

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