Firewood Birch 10kg

Natural birch firewood
Composition 100% birch
With bark
Chamber drying SDWT
Humidity no more than 14%
Calibrated 25 cm
Weight 10 kg
Biomass certified


  • flare up easily
  • burn longer than ordinary dry birch firewood
  • smells like a real forest

Recommended by Alaska Firewood for use:

  • in open fireplaces
  • cooking charcoal for barbecue
  • as firewood “warming up” the fireplace insert
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If you decide to light a fireplace, then we recommend that you start with birch firewood.

They are ideal for starting, light up easily, maintaining an active flame and good heat. They are “warming up” the firebox with wood, after which you should continue to heat with wood of more “severe” species, such as oak or hornbeam. The use of our own SDWT firewood drying technology allows the firewood to preserve the natural smell of the forest, and it will burn longer than other ordinary dry birch firewood.

Also, birch firewood is a great choice for making charcoal for your barbecue. Their light temper and fast burning will soon give good and hot charcoal, on which it will be especially good to roast poultry meat or grill fish.

Let’s not forget about birch bark, which can be a wonderful and natural material for ignition. That is why Alaska Firewood is always with bark, you don’t have to buy bark separately and spend your money on it. We can say that Alaska Firewood birch firewood is firewood for all occasions.

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