Firewood Birch

Firewood birch
composition 100% birch with bark
industrial dried wood
humidity not more than 15%
calibrated 25 cm
100% recyclable carton box
package size 390x260x240 mm
certificated Biomasse A1+

Special features
easily ignited
fast burning
easily peeled bark off being a natural ignition

Recommend to use with
fireplaces without glass door
making birch charcoal for barbecue

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If you decide to light the fireplace, so, we recommend to start up exactly with a birch firewood. They are perfect for starting, very friendly and very “welcome” firewood which can reached an active flame very soon. Good to say, that they are “warm up” firewood, after which you should continue to drown with more harsh firewood, such as oak or hornbeam.

Birch firewood will also be a great choice for charcoals making for your barbecue. Their “easy character” and quick burning will give very soon good and hot charcoal on which it will be especially good to fry poultry meat, make a fish grill and of course bbq chicken wing coming best of the best.

We do not forget about birch bark,which in turn can be an independent product and of interest, for example, for igniting a fireplace. Firewood kiln dried, easily give off bark, which is peeled off in large pieces, so we recommend purchasing birch firewood precisely well dried. Humidity, in this case, will be around 12-14% that’s optimal combination between burning time and heat value. In this case, you will have two products – actually a firewood and birch bark for ignition. We can say for sure – Alaska birch firewood is a firewood for all life occasions.


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