Firewood for fireplace

Firewood in a set natural fireplace
Composition birch, oak, alder
Without bark
Chamber drying
Humidity not more than 12%
Calibrated 25 cm
Box size 39x26x24 cm
FSC certified


  • do not smoke and do not give soot
  • completely without bark
  • hand sanded
  • optimal fireplace set

Recommended by Alaska for use:

  • fireplace with glass door
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Firewood is a special kind of firewood. In addition to the standard chamber drying and sizing procedure, these woods undergo a complete cleaning of their own bark, as well as a complete grinding procedure. This allows you to get a truly extra-class product, which is ideal for a fireplace insert with a glass door. Having removed the bark, we get rid of the excess soot, which lays down on deposits during the heating of a fireplace with a glass door, thereby depriving the main advantage of this type of fireplace – to contemplate the beautiful play of fire with the door of the fireplace insert closed. But we thought not only about the combustion process from the point of view of comfort of use and aesthetics, we also thought about the combustion process from the point of view of convenience, to quickly light up a fire in the fireplace and be able to maintain it there for a long time. It is with this purpose in mind that our fireplace set consists of birch, oak and alder.

Birch makes it easy to light a fireplace. Birch firewood quickly burns up and gives off a strong heat at its peak, thereby warming up the fireplace insert. The sequel follows the oak fireplace mantel. Oak is a very dense wood, so the ideal use is to toss it into a preheated firebox. The real fire in the fireplace is fire from oak wood. The king of firewood for a fireplace – oak will burn for a long time, warming you with its warmth. It will be ideal to end the fireplace evening if you toss a few alder logs into the firebox. Alder easily picks up the baton of fire even in the falling heat, supporting the fire in the fireplace. At the same time, alder gives off a wonderful smell when burning, adding flavor to the fireplace room.

If you heed our advice on using Alaska firewood according to our recipe, then no doubt, you will get an excellent result and you will want to repeat it soon.

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