Firewood Hornbeam

Natural hornbeam firewood
Composition 100% hornbeam
With bark
Chamber drying SDWT
Humidity no more than 14%
Calibrated 25 cm
Box size 39x26x24 cm
Biomass certified


  • during combustion, silver ions are released
  • preliminary heating of the furnace is required
  • very long burning
  • very high fever

Recommended by Alaska for use:

  • in fireplaces with open hearth
  • ovens for making bread or pizza
  • as firewood for a bath
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Hornbeam firewood, or as it is sometimes called “iron tree”, can be called the elder brother of birch firewood. However, their density is much higher, so they burn longer and give off more heat.

Of course, hornbeam firewood is the highest class. Ideal for a long evening by the fireplace, however, as in the case of oak firewood, in order to achieve the best result, do not forget to thoroughly warm up the fireplace insert.

When burning, firewood from a hornbeam emits silver ions, which has a beneficial effect on the human respiratory system. Inhalation of air enriched with silver ions is an excellent therapy for people suffering from asthmatic manifestations and in general suffering from diseases of the respiratory system. But let’s be adequate and attentive, this is not a pill or an injection, it will not save you from serious diseases, but of course, with prolonged and constant use, it will give its positive therapeutic effect.

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