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The ALASKA FIREWOOD wood chips are great for adding wood smoke flavor to foods or they can be the perfect alternative to charcoal as a heat source for grilling. ALASKA FIREWOOD wood chips are ideal for using with bbq smokers, charcoal and gas barbecues to give an aromatic and delicate smoky flavor to your food. Read on web page alaska-firewood.com the additional information regarding your foods best way of cooking with ALASKA FIREWOOD wood chips. For best result recommended use it with Charcoal Alaska Firewood.

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100% natural wood chips Alaska Firewood from garden apple are suitable for smoking with fragrant smoke when preparing various food. Apple wood has a sweet and mellow aroma. Apple chips produce a thick, rich smoke that gives any food a delicious fruity flavor, so it’s best used with neutral foods that don’t have a strong flavor of their own.

White Edition apple chips are a great option for smoked pork with spices or turkey. Ideal for cooking poultry and sea bass. An interesting combination can be obtained by mixing apple chips with oak or cherry chips.

Alaska Firewood apple chips can be an alternative to charcoal as a heat source for grilling. And it can be used together with it. See the blog on the Alaska Firewood website for additional usage guidelines.

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