Wood Pellets Extra White


Calorific value – 4,8 kWh/kg
Ash – 0,4%
Moisture – 9%
Durability – 98,6%

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Extra white wood pellets from Alaska Firewood are made of selected fir and pine wood, which has been pre-barked. The pellets comply with the our quality standard, which guarantees not only warmth in your home, but also 100% natural and safe products.

Wood pellets or so-called fuel pellets are highly efficient compressed biofuels. To obtain Alaska Firewood pellets, the wood is first crushed and then sent to a high-pressure apparatus, under the action of which the key component of any wood – lignin – becomes soft and sticks fine particles into dense fuel pellets.

Pellets of the Alaska Firewood extra white give twice as much heat as ordinary firewood, do not contain dust and do not cause allergic reactions. We guarantee that the raw materials for pellets were collected in ecologically clean areas, which means they do not have toxins, radioactive substances and are absolutely safe for use, including for the elderly and families with small children.

Weight: 15KG

Packing: extra strong bag

Where to use: for pellet boilers, fireplaces, stoves

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