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Our company is not just a business project, all of us are connected by one mutual idea — being close to nature and willing to return such values to everyday life, that will one day become major for understanding quality of life — ecological safety of the goods we consume, pure waterbodies and air. To put it simply, the Alaska Firewood project is a project of prolonging our lives on a high-quality level.

We understand that not only high-quality and ecologically flawless products of Alaska Firewood will be an affirmation of our principles but also social embodiment of our philosophy which will be comprised of collaborative authorial field trips of like-minded people with a similar world view and willingness to harmonize themselves with the environment around them.

We form our community in which we go towards the outlined goals together and as we know, it is more effective to reach them surrounded by like-minded people, when there is support from the equally successful people and mutual interests and self-belief.

We all know that even one common adventure will form a string bond of friendship, new unions and even new commercial projects because it is a real test of character and ability to find inner reserve in oneself, which are possibly unnoticed in everyday life.

Alaska travel club is a spirit of adventure and broadening one’s abilities in a company of like-minds

Tour in Karelia

Ladozhskie sea cliffs are a picturesque archipelago, which consists of small rocky island. It is an amazing, energizing view which can be appreciated only on a boat!

Onezhskoe lake, pacifying nature, swimming bathhouses on the Ladoga, horse rides through the northern forest — Karelian adventure will be remembered for a long time!

Marble canyons, crystal clear lakes and rivers, loads of the most delicious berries and special atmosphere of Northern forest villages — there are plenty of reasons and routes for such a trip!

Wild Iceland

The main thing why even experienced travelers come back to this country is Aurora Borealis Northern Lights!

The rest of possibilities are not less wonderful — to set off camping to a glacier and to visit an ice cave, glacial,lagoons, geysers, waterfalls and wester fjords, filled with folklore, mystery and magic.

After a whale safari with an experienced steerer it is nice to have freshly caught fish for dinner and to ride unique Icelandic horses the next day!

In the area near Myvatn lake one can enjoy the view of quasi craters of Stutustadagigar, see geothermal activity in the area of Namascard Pass and even visit Dimmuborgir, “The Black Fortress” — fearsome, strange and amazingly beautiful lava formation. According to the legend it is a gateway to the Underworld.

The world famous spa complex “Blue Lagoon” which has healing blue clay in thermal water is a place to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and billows of steam above the water.

Such an adventure will certainly distract you from everyday hustle and bustle and will make you instantly forget about your work days.

Kamchatka, Finally

The valley of geysers — fantastic views and experience are guaranteed to anyone who will get to that unique place!

Straight into the crater of the active volcano on skis? Sound like a plot of a movie but the Mutnovskiy volcano allows to perform such a feat without a talent of an actor and stuntman’s skills!

The black sand of the Halaktirskiy beach fringes the mighty and ancient ocean — rhese views will stay in your heart for themrest of your life!

The Kurilian lakes — when and where else will you see how bears are fishing? The most delicious fish of the salmon family — sockeye salmon — lays its eggs here. It attracts bears of Kamchatka and fearless travelers!

Ice caves and hot springs, waterfalls and caves, an ancient way of life and traditions of the local people, endless wildlife reserves — Kamchatka is definitely not like any other place in the world!

Kayaking In Finland

It is the country of 1000 lakes — there are 190000 of them here! And there equally many swamps — it is a special feeling to walk through them on the wooden paths layed there.

On the biggest lake — lake Saima — there are no waves, so your travel will be as pleasant and relaxed as possible, with walks on kayaks, canoes and bidarkas.

The biggest complex of islands, which comprise picturesque sea cliffs — national park “Archipelago sea” or just “Archipelago” is situated here. It is possible to ride a bicycle there traveling between the islands on ferries, speedboats, boats and other watercraft.

Discover the arctic Lapland, watching wild birds while they migrate to the South, fishing in the sea and enjoying the views of picturesque lighthouses on the cliffs, collecting berries and mushrooms — this trip will totally reset your inner systems and pull you out of your everyday worries and routine.

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