The optimal line of Alaska Firewood products.
A line of products for those who value impeccable quality at the same time wanting to remain a rational consumer. The assortment of this product line is built on the principles of self-sufficiency, while taking into account the high quality of the products. Flawless birch or oak charcoal in a 1.8 kg package can easily replace your 3 kg portion of standard charcoal. Birch firewood produced using our own 6 kg SDWT smart wood drying technology will delight you with the warmth of fire longer than ordinary dry birch wood weighing 8 kg. Why carry extra weight home or spend more money when you can get the same results with our ECO range? A simple question – a simple answer, you like rational solutions, value your time and do not want to compromise on product quality – then the products of the ECO line are your choice.

• firewood with chamber drying bark
• birch coal
• oak charcoal