Alaska Firewood premium product line

Differs in expert product quality and thoughtful packaging. The assortment of this product line already today offers a choice of products with a wide range of consumer qualities, including rare and exclusive ones.

Birch firewood is a classic of the genre for the countries of Scandinavia and Russia, oak firewood is the best solution for a fireplace party, exclusive hornbeam firewood is a great alternative to the classics, firewood from alder, mountain ash and apple will complete the excellent choice of a wood line. And this is just the beginning. Enjoy a weekend in nature with Alaska Firewood’s finest Proline charcoal in birch, oak or apple. This is truly top class without any compromise. Made from selected and whole logs, sorted by hand, that is why it is so valuable. The fraction will be necessarily large 6+ cm, without coal waste and various wood impurities, an exclusively natural product that fully complies with the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle.

• firewood with bark chamber drying SDWT
• birch charcoal
• oak charcoal
• apple charcoal
• wood chips for smoking

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