Alaska Firewood products are made in the way that does not harm our planet. Fuel production meets all stringent Scandinavian standards. Through many experiments, we have been able to ensure that the fuel burns "correctly", giving a constant level of heat and quality smoke making the traveler life easier.


For those clients who has chosen to keep fit, care about nutrition and use only premium quality bio-natural products we prepared our selected top quality firewood, charcoal, pellets and other products of Alaska Firewood selection. We spent a lot of effort to make Alaska Firewood products and can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Quality control

Before packaging, finished products are calibrated and tested every day. The appropriation of Alaska Firewood of Biomass A1 + quality standard is a special reason for pride.

  • verification of the wood origin
  • strict control of raw materials
  • the absence of heavy metals
  • no harmful organic and
  • inorganic compounds
  • 100% safe for cooking


Our packaging protects the interests of our customers. We are worried about the good preservation of Alaska Firewood products all the way following to your home or the point of your journey.

  • extra-strong packaging
  • vacuum bags and sealed boxes
  • packed by hand
  • no torn net of firewood or ignition
  • no damp or dirt on firewood
  • wood original smell

Our product’s certification

All the products have international quality certificates.

  • FSC certification
  • Biomass A1 certification
  • ENPlus® certification





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