Alaska Firewood products are made only from the highest quality natural raw materials. All production technologies are certified in accordance with the strictest standards adopted in the Scandinavian countries. Through various trials and experiments, we have achieved the desired result, in which the wood fuel always "works" equally well.


For those who have chosen the path of longevity and a healthy lifestyle, using only environmentally friendly premium quality products, we have tried to produce wood fuel from the most suitable raw materials. Alaska Firewood has ensured that the use of our products is useful and meets the "green" standard. We guarantee a "green" level with no restrictions on use.

Quality control

Ready-to-pack products are tested and monitored daily to meet approved standards. Compliance of Alaska Firewood products with international Biomass, FSC and EnPlus requirements is a matter of special pride for us. We always control:

  • raw materials for their origin
  • absence of heavy metals in raw materials
  • absence of biologically harmful organic and inorganic compounds in raw materials
  • percentage of moisture content of finished products
  • inorganic compounds
  • 100% safe for cooking

This control allows us to guarantee the safe use of our wood fuel. We care about your health.


We are concerned about the safety of our products all the way, from the moment of production to the doorstep of your home or place of your stay on vacation. This is why our packaging is so reliable.

  • protection from getting any dirt on wood fuel during transportation and storage
  • vacuum packaging for long-term storage
  • extra strong packaging of coal
  • special moisture protection of charcoal packaging
  • manual selection and control during product packaging
  • lack of natural waste
  • preservation of the real smell of the forest

Our product’s certification

All Alaska Firewood products have recognized international quality certificates.

  • FSC certificate
  • Biomass certificate
  • ENPlus® FI 301 certificate





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